Just What the Heck is Our Priority?

The presidential candidates are blowing and going strong. The Iowa Caucus is over and our Oklahoma legislature is starting.

Mr. Trump is declaring that he can cut deals like nobody’s business. After our current president gave the Iranians seven that we captured for five Americans (but one of the so-called Americans didn’t even want to come home), gave $150 billion dollars, and allowed them to dump their huge oil reserves on the already-glutted market, I agree with Mr. Trump – even my 6-year-old granddaughter could negotiate better than this.

Our state has a $900 million dollar deficit, but I guess we have time to propose laws that everyone registered to vote MUST subscribe to a newspaper. Does the National Enquirer count, or does it have to be one with 75% ads, like the Bethany Tribune? Several years ago, the legislature had a bill to require white cloth napkins in all BBQ restaurants – maybe if that had passed, we wouldn’t be in the current budget crisis.

Do we have a state biscuit? Do we need one? Wow, you know what’s coming up soon – Valentine’s Day. Do we have a state Valentine? We might as well waste time and pass a bill about that, or it could already be in the 3,400 already filed for this session.

How about requiring Glamour Shots for all driver’s license photos? Just a thought…..

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Is it a Tech Slide or a Comet?

Technology rules our lives and hits us like a Mack truck most of the time. Did we need a different MLS system for Realtors? According to the people making money off this lovely, big giant stroll in the park, this will catapult us into the 21st century – heck, it might even allow us to sell homes on Mars. Are there homes on Mars? If I knew how to use this mojo, maybe I could flippin’ answer that.

Every time I sit down in front of the screen to start this cruel video game of realty, then I have to be sure all the guns are secured so as not to blow the screen into the next county. Even with that barrage, I might not be able to switch to the next county. I swear this was designed by the same geniuses that did the Obamacare website. The loss of data, lack of data, and blockades are enormous. OK, I long for the days of a Big Chief tablet and a #2 Ticonderoga pencil.

Thinking positive is all I can do – maybe the good side is when it comes to my grandkids. I can send them homes for sale because it’s hippity-hop to the neighborhood. Oh, wait – now they e-mailed me that I may need a secret decoder ring to access my inner sanctum of real estate information.

Sharma, karma, sis-boom-bah – what’s the price of this ol’ home???

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No, It Didn’t Used to Be Like This…

I’m sorry, but the only thing Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner is brave about is trying to compete in a fashion sideshow with those Kardashian women (notice I didn’t use the term “ladies”).

Then there is President Obama’s foreign policy that displays no muscle, unless you count that our American women’s team soccer goalie, Hope Solo, can beat up all the rest of them in the world.

Water, water, water… Oklahoma was behind the normal rate of getting water brought to us. So, all of a sudden the spigot turned on. We saw ski boats down SW 89th and Western – oh, wait! Those were dunderheads driving their cars into deep water.

Chickasha and Kingfisher flooded – wow, what a surprise! Isn’t that only the gazillionth time it has done that? Water is a mean master to deal with because it pops up where it has never been before. My condolences to all who were affected.

Where were YOU on National Donut Day? I fought through the massive jam of parked police cars to obtain my bounty.

School is out, so be careful with your driving and look out for kids. They won’t be looking out for you, because they are ALL texting.

And they’re not the only ones – in doctor’s offices, hospitals, restaurants, or even in church, even adult idiots are actually taking phone calls and talking out loud. Their conversations are not important and mostly pretty blah, but they talk loud enough to upstage any karaoke set-up. Trust me, we don’t care about your grocery list or last bunco night.

I know some people don’t like Bobby Flay, but that dude can cook! He takes on all types of challengers, cooks their food, and beats them. I love the food in his restaurants, and his recipes are spot-on.

Eggs are great, but the yolk’s on you!

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Hey, Hey, Hey – It’s Valentine’s Day!

It’s a fact that about 8 billion flowers lose their lives every Valentine’s Day. These flowers are plucked from their mundane existence to be heartfelt or hopeful (wink, wink) gestures of affection on this landmark day every year.

What did they do to deserve this? Nothing – just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their only hope is that someone may not have enough money to spring for dinner, chocolates, AND flowers. Flowers are hoping the sweet tooth wins out.

The flower organizations have run PR campaigns like “Candy is dandy, and flowers are only fine.” Flowers are not deserving of their long, slow, agonizing death of 3, 5, 7 or 10 days before their demise, so the flower lobby is REALLY big on gift cards.

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